How many times have your desk and its items been cleaned and sanitized?

How about the stapler, erasers, and pins that are in your drawer? Or the telephone, paper tray, paper cutter, bulletin board, or ruler?

We can go on naming items that you can find in any office, but we bet that you have already noticed some items that have never.

Have you ever seen how your office is kept clean?

What gets cleaned and what doesn’t? Does the cleaning staff move the desks and chairs when cleaning, or do they just clean the tops of the desks? Do they go deeper and also clean the drawers and everything inside of the desks? How about the door knobs and the light switches? Have you looked at the items they clean with? Do they use a different sponge to clean the bathroom, or do they use the same sponge? How about the cleaning cart, is it clean? If you answered no to any of these questions, your office may need an Office Building Sanitizing.