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Rodent Management Services(RMS) In Bangalore - First Choice

 Rodent Management Services(RMS) In Bangalore



  • Rodent hideouts are identified in a competent manner..
  • Innovative rodent trap built on a foundation of modern science.
  • Even large rodents are captured by the sticky trap’s tough and industrial-strength glue.
  • To achieve a 100 percent success rate practically instantly, use industry-approved and heavy-duty glue boards.


  •  Three services are included in the plan for a year at no additional cost.

    Terms & conditions

  • The treatment will keep the rodent problem under control.
  • When precautions are rigorously observed, efficacy will continue a long time.

    Safety Precautions

  • The chemical is safe for children, the elderly, and pets.
  • Vaccination will be given to our trained personnel.