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   Vacant flat in Bangalore    

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  1. BEDROOM  ( DO’S)
  • Mattress vacuuming
  • Cupboard cleaning from outside and inside
  • Windows& grills
  • lighting fixtures
  • floor scrubbing
  • dry dusting of walls and ceiling 
     2. BATHROOM
  •  Showers and tops
  • windows &  exhaust fan 
  • floor and tile scrubbing
  • cobweb removal
  • shelves and cabinets from outside and open shelves if  emptied
  • mirror and glasses cleaning
  • water closet and wash basin


  •  Windows and exhaust fan
  • wiping of appliances from outside
  • cabinets from inside & outside
  • kitchen platform
  •    cobweb removal
  • dry dusting of walls and ceilings
  • floor scrubbing
  • floor sterilization : use of cleaning and disinfecting chemicals & sophisticated machinery to remove deep layers of dirt.
  • Toilet cleaning : disinfecting sanitizing and deep scrubbing of bathrooms and toilet
  • furniture cleaning: vacuuming of all sofas , upholstery and curtains
  • Surface treatment: special  treatment of steel ,wooden and glass surface.
  • walls and ceiling: dustproog the walls  and ceilingsof the entire house.
  • kitchen cleaning: cleaning of all furniture and electrical fixtures
  • window cleaning: cleaning of all glass panes and windows that are sale to access.